For your convenience, the shipment of your order is made by the cooperating courier company in your area. Orders placed on on weekdays, provided the product is available, are usually delivered in 1-3 days in Northern Greece.

For orders over € 100 shipping costs are free. Excludes hard-to-reach areas, as well as specific high-volume products, as well as some of our hunting items such as rifles and airguns.

For the rest of the regions within Greece, the delivery takes place within 2 to 7 working days.

Cash on delivery costs € 2.00.

For orders under 100 € the shipping cost and charges are as follows for shipments by courier:

1) 1kg to 3Kg € 3.00
2) Increase of 1 € for each additional kilo from 4Kg to 9Kg €
3) Over 9 kg the transport is done with a transport agency.

– For shipments of items – packages over 9 kg in Northern Greece, the cost is 15 € each device or package and delivery is made in 1-4 days by a cooperating transport company, without an appointment.


For the rest of the areas in big cities within Greece the transport cost is 25 € for each device or package and the delivery takes place within 4 to 7 working days, while in areas outside the cities the shipping time depends on whether the area is inaccessible or not. and delivery takes place within 4 to 7 working days.

You can be informed about the progress of your order by phone: 2461033409

Prerequisite for receiving your order is that it has been paid before receipt. After receiving it from you, we do not bear any responsibility for any damages or damages that may occur.


You are picked up in front of the entrance of your house or apartment building and you are responsible for checking the products received. You must, in the presence of the transport company employee, unpack and check the integrity and condition of your products. If you notice bumps or broken parts of the product, you should not accept, but refuse to accept the product.

Upon receipt of the product by you, and your signature on the corresponding delivery document of the transport company, we can not accept any responsibility for any damages or damages that may occur and inform us.

The transfer of the tested product (unpacked) from the entrance of the house or apartment building (eg sidewalk) to a floor or other place and any damage that may be caused, is the sole responsibility of the customer.

All other shipments are sent with the courier company and the same delivery times apply, as above, within 1-3 working days (except for areas marked “Inaccessible”, where the delivery of your order takes place within 4 to 7 working days) . The above delivery times depend on the delivery option at your place or at a courier store.


Due to the situation prevailing in the companies that manufacture or supply our company due to COVID-19 and intermittent lockdowns but also due to the excessive burden of parcel distribution to the transport companies, there are significant delays in the receipt of products from our suppliers resulting in there are correspondingly delays in the delivery of orders to our customers. We ask for your understanding and we make every effort so that orders are sent from our online store as soon as possible.

All orders can be received free of charge from our store:
Kozani: P. Charisi 47, T.K.50132, Municipality of Kozani

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